Custom Trays? Read our guide.

I would like trays with my logo or graphics, where do I start?

Custom Trays

The idea!

The beginning of everything is the customer’s idea, in the case of personalized trays, they are often companies that want to provide gadgets with their own brand to their customers, or individuals or small businesses that want to produce trays with their own decorations, images, drawings .

The file

The design, the decoration, the logo, the image that the customer wants to incorporate into the melamine article is important. It must be in high resolution to get an excellent result.

The choice of form

Each of our items is made up of a mold (a wrought and chromed iron matrix, which costs a few thousand euros, in case you want to create a particular shape that we do not have), in which the melamine powder granules are inserted, which, once pressed between the two halves of the mold, heated to about 200 degrees, forms our article.

Equipping a machine with a mold takes about 3 hours; for this reason it is not easy to print a few items, such as happens with the personalized t-shirts of our friend

Choice of material

You can choose between two materials: melamine and urea.

The first is used for ashtrays as it resists cigarette burns, and is used for all those items that require food contact.

Urea is usually used in customized trays, as food does not usually rest on the surface of the tray, and it has a much lower cost.

Which color can I choose?

The colors are different, but mostly black and white are used, as the price is lower (especially white), they are easier to find, an aspect of no small importance. And if you are not satisfied at all, I tell you that it is possible to request colors on request, but the price goes up, and there are minimums that are around 400 kg.

How is the decoration attached to the tray?

Do you remember how much I told you about the choice of shape? Well, during the insertion of the melamine powder, as soon as the press produces the desired shape, the sheet with your design, logo, image (specially treated) is placed on the printed article and is pressed again. From that moment on, the tray and personalization are inseparable.

Now that your custom trays are ready, we’ll flap them appropriately and box them, ready to ship.

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