Is it worth importing melamine products from China?

Surely in China , in the last decade there has been a great improvement from the technical point of view of melamine articles with a valuable aesthetic appearance.

The big problem is that restrictions and new laws have had to be put in place for melamine tableware imported from China, and this is because non-food melamine is often used instead of food melamine . If you have read my article carefully, you know what the difference is.

Visually almost nothing changes, but it changes a lot when we go to do the analyzes to re-enter the contact food parameters . Those who produce in Italy such as Dekorah , use raw materials produced and certified in Italy, or in any case in the EU and have laboratory tests carried out in Italy. It is therefore clear that the chances of encountering problems are much lower.

Now that I have tried to explain the world of melamine to you, you have the tools to be able to decide what is best for you and your customers in full autonomy .