The story of Dekorah

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Dama srl is a company founded in 2017 as a result of the union of two companies, one young and dynamic operating in the plastic molding sector ( king plast ), and the other very expert in the sector of personalized melamine trays ( orchid packaging ). In fact, orchid has historical roots dating back to the nineties. The two companies have been outsourcing companies (they produced for other companies which in turn resold), since their birth, and as in part Dama srl still is today.

Melamine tableware

With Dekorah , the two companies have decided to offer their tableware directly to companies belonging to the horeca sector, whether they are bars , restaurants , canteens , public structures in general, and also offer themselves directly to private individuals .

Within the e-commerce you will therefore find lines of melamine plates , melamine trays , accessories , ashtrays , both neutral and already decorated.

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stovaglie in melamina prodotti linea professionale dekorah

Personalize your product

The know-how of Dekorah also allows small bars , b & b , to have their own personalized crockery , in fact you can ask for a quote to the email to have you customize 50 serving trays, or coasters, or other interesting accessories that you can find within Dekorah .

personalizzazione piatti in melamina per bambini prodotti dekorah
personalizzazione piatti in melamina per bambini prodotti dekorah
personalizzazione piatti in melamina con logo per bar e ristoranti prodotti dekorah
personalizzazione piatti in melamina per hotel prodotti dekorah

In fact, the personalization of melamine tableware takes place by incorporating, at the time of molding, a special decorated and previously treated paper. This process allows for greater contact food safety , and above all an excellent photographic quality of the logo of the photo or of the design that the customer wants.

Dekorah is able to produce everything internally, from the molding of the chosen shape, from the printing of the paper that will be incorporated into the article itself, to packaging and shipping. The only process performed externally is the silk -screen printing of ashtrays in melamine , for which he relies on a company he has been collaborating with for years, that is ” I printed “.