News 2022

In 2021 we wanted to create Dekorah, we felt the need to give a voice even to those who do not need to buy a large number of items, but have dreams and ideas to realize.

Who contacted us?

  • Hotels and small b & bs: for which we did it, courtesy kit holder in melamine, plates, trays, with your own logo or graphics
  • Artists: professionals or dreamers who wanted to transfer their creations to melamine articles.
  • Restaurants and pizzerias, pubs: there are many decorated melamine plates that we have produced for this sector.
  • Camping: there were also several campsites, which wanted personalized dishes, especially those dedicated to families.
  • Canteens, schools and self-service shops: in this case, many articles, even neutral ones
  • Rsa and healthcare facilities: we have produced decorated and neutral plates and trays.
  • Amazon sellers: many neutral ashtrays and decorated trays in melamine
  • Wholesale dealers of melamine items.
  • Coffee roasters: for which we offer customized aprons, trays with logo and much more.

Many of the categories mentioned above would be excluded from the personalized melamine market, in fact normally less than 500 personalized pieces are not taken into consideration, and above all 500 pieces for a single Decor.

Thanks to our research and development department, we have created a system to be able not only to customize a few pieces, but also with different decorations .

News 2022

What news will you find at Dekorah in 2022?


The first novelty is called “SAMPA”, of which we will make an article where we will talk about it in detail.

Sampa is an important company that has been dealing with melamine for 80 years. In 2021 Dekorah and Sampa decided to forge a collaboration, in order to make available to customers, new molds, new shapes, new ideas; you will therefore find many new Sampa brand products.


In the first months of the year we will try to expand the range of products that are requested of us by many advertising agencies that use melamine articles .

So more promotional melamine trays , more customization possibilities of melamine ashtrays .

But, as we will see in the next novelty, there will also be t-shirts and aprons!


For years we have been dealing with the sale and customization of clothing , from this beginning of 2022, we would therefore like to make available some customizable items, especially aimed at public establishments.

You will find: t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts for restaurants and bars, shirts for the hotel cleaning service, aprons for public businesses, bathrobes and towels.

The techniques we have available to customize clothing are:

  • embroidery : particularly suitable for customizing shirts , but also the most valuable for other garments.
  • thermoadhesives: technique without minimum order, and start-up costs.
  • screen printing: excellent cost / printing, but requires minimum order and printing systems.

If you have ideas and suggestions, write to us, we will listen to them with great pleasure!

Write to or call us at 0371699049