Why buy melamine tableware produced in Italy

molecola di melammina

The Melamine resin

First of all, it is my concern to give you some technical information on this material. Melamine is a thermosetting synthetic resin , colorless and odorless , very resistant to both chemical agents and abrasion.

The melamine resin for dishes appears as a fine powder or granular powder, and is pressed in special molds with hot presses; 130-170 ° is recommended as the transformation temperature range. This resin is commonly referred to as melamine or melamine , but melamine is actually a raw material of the powder that is used for making tableware .

The resins in question are also used for the production of kitchen furniture, glues, paints, abrasive cleaners and sound-absorbing insulating materials. Melamine dishes, such as melamine dishes, are not resistant to microwaves, but they can be washed in the dishwasher as they can withstand a washing temperature of 120 ° well.

If you want more information you can look at what wikipedia says.

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